“So I have carefully scheduled every minute of everyday with everyone’s activities. It’s all right here on my clipboard of fun.”

— Danny Tanner 1989, Full House Episode 1 Season 3

Hi, I'm Amy!


I’m a native Californian currently living in Seattle, Washington. I have a BA in history from Cal State Northridge, making me a Valley Girl, which, like, I totally am. I’m also a pop culture nut, music lover, and all around fangirl.

I’m a little different from your average traveler. While most people may travel without thinking too much about it, I like to meticulously plan as many details as possible ahead of time, thanks to my inspiration and spirit animal, Danny Tanner. I not only like to schedule naps, but I also like to pencil in when to be spontaneous. I always make sure to visit record shops, geocache, check out the local sushi and food scene, visit film locations, cemeteries, as well as visit the very much on-the-beaten-path sites.

When I’m not traveling I enjoy hiking, board and video games, trying new recipes, keeping up on the Bachelor and Real Housewives franchises, making cross-stitches of my favorite celebrities, reading, and, of course, planning my next adventure.

My husband and travel partner is TV and radio personality Danny Bonaduce.